Precision Fusion_X.3D Flat Cut Finger Protect


Fusion_X.3D is the second generation to our highly successful Fusion X range.


Super stylish 3D fully embossed design.



Designed and tested by Professional Goalkeepers to not only look great but also to withstand the intensity and vigor of daily training and all-important match days.








  • Flat cut Offers optimum fit and stability and guarantees long-term, constant ball contact. With its box shape fingers with fewer seams and lighter weight, the keeper has more stability in controlling the ball


  • Finger protection system


  • 3mm zohonero palm


  • Coolair mesh underhand fabric to stop you sweating


  • Super stylish 3D Embossed softy backhand and strap design


  • Comfortable Fully elasticated wristband and pull loops with double touch fastener for extra support


  • Colour: Black/Black/Grey/Lime


Precision Fusion_X.3D Flat Cut Finger Protect